"Essential Building Blocks" (Selected Texts), Pastor David Doster, March 11 2018

“Essential Building Blocks”

I. Laying the groundwork                                                                                (Introduction)

Our Mission: Why we exist:

We are committed to building a community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who love God, love each other and impact a needy world.

Our Vision:

Our objective is to become a church that exemplifies the life-changing reality of Christ in an ever-changing world by equipping our members so that they live lifestyles of spiritual integrity which are:

•Biblically accurate

•Personal purity

•Family focused

•Socially responsible

•Evangelistically bold

II. Core values

     A. Fighting for a heart of worship

     B. Cultivating life-giving community

“Truth without relationships often yields sterile doctrine, while spiritual relationships without truth will become little more that superficial social relationship.     BCBC Values

BCBC Core Values:





III. Choosing to be a worshiping community of believers

“To foster a worshiping community of believers that engenders a passionate and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ.”

"Bold Vision" (Selected Texts), Pastor David Doster, March 4 2018

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"Bold Vision"

I. Gospel living                                                                    (Introduction)

Our Mission: Why We Exist

We are committed to building a community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who love God, love each other , and impact a needy world!

II. Our vision: What we purpose to do

Our objective is to become a church that exemplifies the life changing reality of Christ in an ever-changing world by equipping our members so that they live lifestyles of spiritual integrity which are:


●1.  We believe the Bible is verbally inspired by God, error free in the original writing, and the supreme authority of faith and   practice  for the believer in Jesus Christ.

2. Personally pure

3. Family focused

4. Socially responsible

5. Evangelistically bold

III. A vibrant growing body of believers

The result: A vibrant growing community of believers who are committed to impacting and influencing their respective communities and the world abroad for Christ.We believe that success in ministry is defined by God not man’s ideas or cultural standards. We welcome and affirm our dependence upon His leading and the truth that He has revealed to His church through His Word.

"Bold Charge" Key texts from Matthew... Pastor David Doster...February 25 2018

"Bold Charge"

I. No antiques here!                                                                         (Introduction)

II. Church's marching orders                                                           (Matt. 16:13-18)

     A. Triumphant Savior

     B. Bold lovers                                                                               (Matt. 22:34-40)

     C. Bold commission

III. Espresso all the way!                                                                    (Application)

"Is Jesus Really Enough?" Hebrews 7:11-28... Eric Fisher...February 18 2018

"Is Jesus Really Enough?" 

I. A fly-over of Hebrews 1-7                                                      (Introduction)

II. A drive-by of Hebrews 7:11-28

III. Boots on the ground... Jesus' love is more than enough     (Application)

"Anchored Forever" (Hebrews 6:13-20), Pastor David Doster, February 11 2018

"Anchored Forever"

I. Reputation at stake                                                                   (Introduction)

II. Promise from God                                                                     (verses 13-15)

     A. Jewish roots revisited

     B. Ripple effect

III. Integrity of God                                                                       (verses 16-18)

     A. Intended purpose

     B. Origin of oath

IV. Hope in God                                                                             (verses 18b-20)

     A. Strong encouragement

     B. Anchor of the soul

     C. Living intimate and personal

V. True hope                                                                                  (Application)


"Warning, Encouragement to Persevere" (Hebrews 6:4-12), Pastor David Doster, January 28 2018

"Warning, Encouragement to Persevere" 

I. Controversy for the ages                                                                     (Introduction)

II. Withering word of warning                                                                 (verses 4-8)

     A. Discerning the dilemma

     B. Fruit reflects root

III. Confident affirmation                                                                         (verses 9-12)

     A. Positive reinforcement

     B. Proof positive

     C. Persevering proof

IV. What is our fruit revealing                                                                  (Application)

"Grow Up in Christ" (Hebrews 5:11-6:3), Pastor David Doster, January 21 2018

"Grow Up in Christ"

I. Sharp turn                                                            (Introduction)

II. Diet determines direction                                  (Verses 5:11-14)

     A. Not ready to go forward

     B. Milk over meat

III. Stepping toward maturity                                 (verses 6:1-3)

     A. Adult dining

     B. Beyond the basics

IV. Loving confrontation                                          (Application)


"Finding the Path" (Psalm 67): Dr. Christopher Matthews, January 14 2018

"Finding the Path"

I. Thomas Scott                                                                      (Introduction)

II. God's favor and His path on earth                                     (verses 1-2)

III. Prophecies of a future kingdom                                       (verses 3-7)

Iv. Seeking the path before its too late                                (Application)

"Enter His Rest" (Hebrews 4:1-11), Pastor David Doster, November 19 2017

"Enter His Rest" (Hebrews 4:1-11), 

I. Living too close to the freeway

II. Don't miss out

     A. Reject passivity

     B. Take action

III. What is the nature of this rest?

     A. Entry point

     B. Origin of rest

IV.. Its availability 

     A. Still remains

     B. Bell tolling

     C. Sabbath rest

V. Are you choosing Christ's rest?

"Holding Fast for the Journey" (Hebrews 3:1-17), Pastor David Doster, November 12 2017

"Holding Fast for the Journey" (Hebrews 3:1-17)

I. Holding on!                        (Introduction)

II. Positive example

III. Negative example

     A. Crisis of belief

     B. Disposition of the heart

IV. Staying faithful to the end                        (Application)

What hinders you from holding on?

•Prefer the familiar, known

•Comfort and ease

•Pain and suffering



•Cheap/Shallow version of grace

•Specific battle with sin


What fortifies your grip?

•Feeding on the Word

•Quiet consecrated prayer

•Viable, meaningful connection with the body of Christ

•Willingness to be tested in your walk

•Rich, full grip of Christ-centered grace

"Peeling Back the Layers of Christ's Incarnation" (Hebrews 2:10-18), Pastor David Doster, November 5 2017

"Peeling Back the Layers of Christ's Incarnation"

I. Diving into the fish tank

Critical layers of truth:

•He was our filling founder

•Our solidarity is with Christ

•Why the incarnation was essential

•He became our merciful and faithful high priest

•He enables us to face our final foe

II. Our fitting founder

III. Our solidarity with Christ

     A. Source of our connection

     B. Cost of our connectionI

IV. Why the incarnation was essential

     A. Demonstrates Christ's identification with humankind

     B Destroyed the power of the devil over believers

     C. Delivers us from the fear of death

V. Merciful and faithful High Priest

VI. Facing our final foe


"Pay Attention" (Hebrews 2:1-4), Pastor David Doster, October 15 2017

"Pay Attention"

I. Watch out!                                                                           (Introduction)

Critical Truths:

1..In the midst of proclaiming the superiority of Christ above the angels, the writer inserts this sobering warning.

2.The truth and consequences of their response to God’s message of salvation.

3.The clear call to personal commitment and responsibility.

II. Truth and consequences

     A. Danger of neglect

     B. Painful consequence

III. Our commitment and responsibility

"Better Than Angels" (Hebrews 1:5-18), Pastor David Doster, October 8 2017

"Better Than Angels"

I. Touched by an angel                                                                           (Introduction)

Chain of truths showing the superiority of Christ to angels:

1..Unique relationship to the Father (Sonship)

2.Son is above the angels (status)

3.Son will reign forever (eternality)

4.Son seated at the highest place

II. Chain of truths                                                                                         (verses 5-14)

     A. Unique relationship with the Father

     B. Above the angels

     C. Will reign forever

     D. Highest place

III. Securing our reference point                                                                 (Application)

"His Final Word: Exalting Christ"(Intro and Hebrews 1:1-4), Pastor David Doster, October 1 2017

"His Final Word: Exalting Christ"

I. Jesus is better

II. Stepping into their world

     A. Context

     B. Composer

III. God has spoken

     A. Final Word

     B. Worthy to be exalted

IV. Exalting Christ through our lives