"Finding the Path" (Psalm 67): Dr. Christopher Matthews, January 14 2018

"Finding the Path"

I. Thomas Scott                                                                      (Introduction)

II. God's favor and His path on earth                                     (verses 1-2)

III. Prophecies of a future kingdom                                       (verses 3-7)

Iv. Seeking the path before its too late                                (Application)

"Preparing to Seek the Lord" (Proverbs 3:1-10)... Dr. Christopher Matthews, July 23 2017

Preparing to Seek the Lord (Proverbs 3:1-10)

I. Introductory background about Solomon and Rehoboam

II. A father's instruction to his son  (verses 1-4)

III. A son's privilege to confidently lean on God (verses 5-6)

IV. A son's challenge to fully reverence God   (verses 7-8)

V. A son's freedom to joyfully honor God (verses 9-10)

"Stephen's Address Before a Hostile Audience" (Acts 7:1-16) Dr. Chris Matthews May 21, 2016

"Stephen's Address Before a Hostile Audience" (Acts 7:1-16)... Dr. Chris Matthews

I. The obedience of Abraham in Mesopotamia

II. The prophecy of Abraham's children in Egypt

III. The envy of the patriarchs in Canaan

IV. The death of the patriarchs in Egypt and burial in Canaan

V. Applications for today