"Peeling Back the Layers of Christ's Incarnation" (Hebrews 2:10-18), Pastor David Doster, November 5 2017

"Peeling Back the Layers of Christ's Incarnation"

I. Diving into the fish tank

Critical layers of truth:

•He was our filling founder

•Our solidarity is with Christ

•Why the incarnation was essential

•He became our merciful and faithful high priest

•He enables us to face our final foe

II. Our fitting founder

III. Our solidarity with Christ

     A. Source of our connection

     B. Cost of our connectionI

IV. Why the incarnation was essential

     A. Demonstrates Christ's identification with humankind

     B Destroyed the power of the devil over believers

     C. Delivers us from the fear of death

V. Merciful and faithful High Priest

VI. Facing our final foe