Picnic on New Property

We enjoyed our annual picnic this fall on the new property.


Freshly spread tablecloths disappeared under the various pies and casseroles. Teens teamed up for Ultimate, and the little ones raced for the tree mid-field. A toddler found an extra Frisbee to toss, and adults visited around the campfire on a surprisingly warm autumn day.


But this was only the start of celebration. Conversations continued in the long line of eager appetites. A polite dog watched diminishing plates with companionable wag. All encircled crackling, burning branches for the sweetest part of the afternoon.

Guitars beckoned to worship as one, hearts ready to overflow thanks. Testimonies of grace lived out touched souls hungry for more of God. Then one who has journeyed long in grace opened the Word and minds. Dwight Stone brought close far away brothers and sisters in Romania, Spain, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, and Serbia. Hearts full, Pastor David guided in prayer.


On log benches and lawn chairs we sat on what was a junk pile. A couple of missed tires remind of the hundreds hauled off. Sweaty hours had transformed an established junkyard into a rolling park. Feet rested on cedar mulch neatly raked.  Young ones ran back to the tree, dropping to catch breath under its full shade.

Stomachs and hearts satisfied, it was a moment to breathe in grace together, to celebrate relationship through Jesus Christ, to appreciate the gift of this property and many other blessings.